The Hundert

The idea for the Hundert comes from Jan Thomas – our publisher and founder. 5 years ago he moved from Frankfurt to Berlin to do a “big online thing” (like many others who came here). With his traditional marketing background, he didn’t know anything about startups and didn’t have any contacts in the startup scene. What he did have however, was a very strong interest in the startup scene. So he started to write about it on his small blog called “Berlin Valley”. While writing, analyzing and reading other blogs and media, he learned very quickly how the scene works, what its problems and needs are. As a blogger he was invited to all possible events, where he could meet a lot of people and collect their business cards. After a year he had a large pile of cards lying on his table and Jan began wondering, how he could use all of his new contacts on his blog. First idea – ask the ten most important players he knew to write their statement on the Berlin startup scene. It should be simple but interesting. Yet he struggled to narrow the group down to ten, so broadened the number of participants to fifty. But if fifty was possible, so was a hundred- the concept of the Hundert began to take shape. The question was, how to convince the most important minds in the Berlin startup scene to write a text for a guy who no one knew? The answer: give them a high quality platform – a real magazine. And from this crazy idea the Hundert Vol. 1 originated in October 2013. Everybody pleasantly surprised to witness the first printed magazine addressed to and talking about the Berlin startup scene. Since then 6 issues of the Hundert have been released, with currently 4 editions a year.